Public Companies’ Communications

Public Companies’ Communications

Under disclosure requirements and corporate governance regulations governing Warsaw Stock Exchange companies, the management of news flow between an organisation and capital market participants is the fundamental duty of every publicly traded company. Compliance with disclosure requirements is a starting point for undertaking active communication efforts to create the company’s image in the capital market.

Corporate and executive identity creation is a pillar of business strategy in every modern company. Communication in a publicly traded company is all the more so important that investors’ trust in the organisation is tested every single day. The company’s credibility, frequently perceived through the lens of the management’s reputation, results in a fair valuation of the company by investors and, consequently, the organisation’s ability to raise capital on the stock exchange. At the same time, effective management of market expectations and adherence to high communication standards translate into an increase in share price.

Reputation Managers advisers help Management Boards to effectively communicate their companies’ current value and investment potential to their Supervisory Boards, shareholders, institutional and private investors, analysts and brokers as well as employees, business partners and clients.

We advise our clients on how to build long-term brand communications strategies bearing in mind the company’s current potential and market realities.

We provide counsel on publishing current and quarterly reports, communicating management and shareholder structure changes, General Shareholders Meetings, legal proceedings and other events affecting the share price.
We map out communication efforts in line with legal regulations governing public companies and indicate effective methods to reach out to investors at the right time with the right message. For us media relations is one of the ways to effectively communicate with target audiences.